brand*muse interviews Janelle Allen, a Learning Designer and serial entrepreneur who believes that every company is in the education business. For the past ten years, she's worked with corporations such as Pearson Education, Potbelly Sandwich Works, Starbucks and Apple to create training and online courses, using principles of adult learning and design.
On this brand*muse Interview Philip speaks with Peter Pru of E-Commerce Empire Builders. Peter Pru has built, grown, and scaled multiple 6-7 figure eCommerce businesses across multiple industries. He is a member of the Clickfunnels 2-Comma Club for hitting over $1,000,000 in sales in his eCommerce businesses using funnels.
My guest Steve Dotto is the host of an incredible YouTube channel called Dotto Tech. He is also host of "Grey Matters" podcast on all the major platforms. Steve has been preaching and teaching about how to use and how to leverage technology for over 30 years.
Laura Pearman is known for being an International Headshots Photographer. She loves serving the world being a photographer - and sharing her wild ideas and infecting people with new levels of confidence. You can usually find her dancing and singing out of tune to old songs as I works in my home empire in the North East of the UK.
brand*muse Interview with Martin Huntbach and host Philip VanDusen Martin Huntbach is the co-founder of Jammy Digital, a WordPress web design agency in the UK. Martin, along with his wife Lyndsay help personal brands & small business owners to make their mark online and gain better rankings and conversions from their websites.
Daniel has been a media designer for 15+ years & teaching just as long. He is an Adobe certified instructor (ACI) & speaker at the annual Adobe Max conference. Dan is the founder of Bring Your Own Laptop, a website dedicated to his amazing Adobe software video training courses.

In an inspiring brand•muse interview Philip VanDusen talks to Don Childs, CCO of the world renowned branding agency Brandimage. We discuss the changing branding agency landscape, the challenges clients are facing with the proliferation of marketing platforms, and the importance of”meaning” in brand building among many other actionable insights.

In an amazing brand•muse interview Philip talks to David Brier, Creative Director of DBD International and author of the book “Brand Intervention: 33 Steps To Transform the Brand You Have Into the Brand You Need”. We discuss his success in leveraging content marketing to promote his agency, adding the human element to your brand, the importance of “differentiation” in branding and a host of other actionable insights to take your business to new heights.

Jason Resnick is an expert Wordpress developer, host of the "Live in the Feast Podcast" and founder of the Feast membership community and freelance training course of the same name. Jason helps freelancers, especially web developers and designers, live the life of their own design through coaching and products so they can specialize their businesses and build recurring revenue.

In this brand•muse interview I talk to Ian Paget, a influential graphic designer and entreprenuer from Manchester UK. He's best known for Logo Geek, a company that started as a hobby but has now become his main source of income. Ian designs logos, writes blogs, hosts a podcast, tweets, and runs a thriving Facebook community.

brand•muse interviews Chris Do, the CEO, Founder and brilliant creative mind behind Blind, Inc., The Futur and host of The Process on YouTube. A true design guru, Chris possesses the perfect unicorn skillset combination of real-world business savvy, design excellence and branding mastery which he shares with his clients and creative professional audiences around the world.

About Ben Amos: brand*muse interviews Ben Amos, Founder and Creative Director of Innovate Media; one of Queensland's most sought after online video strategy and production agencies. He's also founder of the Vlog Pod and Chief Digital Strategist at Engage Video Marketing. In addition he is the host of the Engage with Video podcast.
brand*muse interviews Chris Ducker, my good friend and serial entrepreneur extraordinaire. Chris is the leader of the mastermind community, Youpreneur and author of the bestseller, "Virtual Freedom", and more recently, "Rise of the Youpreneur". Based in Cambridge, England, he owns and operates several businesses, that combined house over 400 full-time employees internationally.
Rob Wallace brand*muse Interview series Mentioned in this interview: Download the ROI whitepaper: Best of Breed Branding Consortium: ABOUT ROB WALLACE Managing Partner, Best of Breed Branding Consortium Ask Rob Wallace what he does for a living and he'll tell you that he has the world's best job ( or "jobs").

Check out the new brand•muse interview with Amy Landino, the social media and video marketing guru. Amy is the author of the bestseller "Vlog Like A Boss" and is owner of two marketing companies—Aftermarq and Vlog Boss Studios—and creator of the popular YouTube series Savvy Sexy Social. We talk personal brand building and leveraging social media for world dominance

Philip VanDusen's brand*muse interview with Lee Jackson Lee lead's two digital businesses providing powerful WordPress solutions for personal brands, design agencies and event companies. Lee's core business, the agency Angled Crown is creating WordPress themes from designs supplied by designers and agencies around the world allowing them to do what they enjoy most, whilst he and his team get to geek out on WordPress!