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The number of people afflicted with anxiety has been steadily growing in recent years. For solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative professionals and consultants who work for themselves the negative affects of anxiety can be particularly acute. Here are some effective methods for reducing these emotional and psychological strains that can help you feel happier, more fulfilled and successful in your work and your business.
The number one question I get asked by my followers and subscribers is: "How do I get more clients?" The biggest problem as an entrepreneur or creative professional is not "working the work" it is always "getting the work". So how, if you are just starting out, do you get your first clients?
The demands on creative professionals to produce high volumes of creative work is increasing as the Creator Economy continues to grow. So, how do creatives stay inspired? In this video I discuss 9 habits I have seen practiced by some of the best creatives I have had the pleasure to work with in my 25 years running in-house corporate and agency design divisions.
The proliferation of digital platforms and the increased necessity of companies to show up on them in a meaningful way has spawned a new sector of the economy: The Creator Economy. Businesses are requiring increasing volumes of creative content to compete in the marketplace.
Newsletters are one of the best ways to nurture your audience and solidify your reputation as a thought leader. But newsletters are useless unless your subscribers open it and read it. In this video I discuss 10 ways you can use to get your followers to consistently engage with your newsletter, driving up open rates and increasing the ROI of your hard work as a content producer and publisher.
What is the difference between personal branding and someone who is just narcissistic? We have all seen the "influencer stars" who go on and on about their Rolexes, Lamborghini's, million dollar paychecks and tropical laptop lifestyles. But we also all know authentic personal brands driven by individuals that offer real value and engagement to their audience.
Only a very small percentage of startups are successful. Most fail because they are focused on the wrong things and have neglected to build some of the most fundamental foundational elements of their brand and business strategy. What are the biggest branding mistakes that startups make? You might be surprised...
Everyone wants to be successful in their business, right? But, there are a thousand ways to approach achieving that success. So, what is the #1 best way to add value to your product or service offering in your business? I answer that burning question in this video.
Doing your due diligence in collecting information to inform any decision is a smart thing to do, but sometimes things can go off the rails. "Analysis Paralysis" is a state of mind where you can't stop weighing the pro's and con's of a decision and get caught in an infinite loop of questioning the choice you need to make.
Many, if not most creative professionals express themselves in more than one creative medium. A designer might also be a singer and also love to do video editing. Or a photographer might also be a painter and a musician as well. Is it possible to have too many creative passions?
Content marketing takes commitment and consistency to pay dividends. Maintaining a steady stream of quality content is hard work and it can be a challenge to keep up the flow day after day without interruption. If you utilize these 12 themes for developing fresh content, you will create real value for your audience and be guaranteed never to run out of ideas.
Building a strong business network doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, there are incredibly simple ways to grow and reinforce your connections and business relationships. You won't believe it when I tell you what the number one way to build your network is!
Self confidence is a key cornerstone of success for any entrepreneur or creative professional. But confidence doesn't just exist on day one - giving you the courage and motivation to take on any challenge. Confidence is built over time through doing, through action and through repetition.