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Client: Gifting Brands
Category: Socially Conscious Fashion Brand
Scope: brand strategy consulting, brand identity, brand collateral
Project Objectives:
The brainchild of ex-Gap, Inc. executive Jeannie Barsam, Gifting Brands is an innovative not-for-profit fashion brand that solves a major problem plaguing the industry: the disposal and destruction of perfectly good apparel after it fails to sell out within a seasonal period. Gifting Brands takes overstock fashion products from luxury brands, allowing them to write off the donation on their taxes and sells them at steep discounts contributing the 100% of the proceeds to non-profit organizations that benefit the underserved in our communities.

Verhaal’s charge was to develop a brand identity that communicated the premium value of the luxury products Gifting Brands sells and create a brand vocabulary to serve all of the brands visual marketing and communication needs.

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Gifting Brands Pattern
GB Stationery
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