You're an industry veteran looking at the next rung on the ladder or the next phase of your journey. Maybe you're fresh out of school and just starting your career. Let's uncover insights and develop actionable plans to take your professional life or personal brand to new heights. 


Includes free 15 minute introductory call.
Package Includes: 3 - 30 min calls, with email follow-up. Session audio recording if requested. Digital workbook and toolkit.

Fee: $500.00

Areas of possible focus - all tailored to the individual:

  • Career guidance for creative professionals
  • Personal brand building
  • Content development, social media marketing, product development
  • Business development, networking, relationship management
  • Action plan development gathered from insights
  • Portfolio review and evaluation
  • Interview Skills coaching
  • Presentation Skills coaching

Please Schedule 1 - 30min Coaching (Fee) meeting using the link below to start the package: