You Are A Media Laboratory

The digital marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk said “Every one of you is a media company.” Today we need to add “…and a media laboratory.”

The explosion of social media and our ability to communicate with huge audiences at the touch of a screen is not news. But the number of new media “shiny objects” is growing and more are launching every day.

Streaming video is currently The New Thing. Everyone is rushing to figure out how to best leverage the plethora of platforms. While it used to be just YouTube channels or Vimeo, now it’s Snapchat, Vine, Periscope, Blab, Facebook Live, Amazon Video Direct, the list goes on. 

In addition to honing product offerings and messaging, brands and entrepreneurs need to continually evaluate new platforms to determine if they can facilitate their ability create value for their audience, or are ultimately just a time suck.

Because today every one of you is a media laboratory.


photo credit: George Redgrave

Philip VanDusen2016