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Client: Verhaal Co.
Category: Accessories E-Commerce
Scope: brand strategy, naming, brand identity, e-commerce website, product development, photography, email marketing, advertising, content marketing, social media, marketing collateral
Project Objectives:
Before there was Verhaal Brand Design, there was Verhaal Co. the accessories e-commerce company. Verhaal Co. was conceived and developed by Kathy Oneto and Philip VanDusen to celebrate the resurgence of craftsmanship in America and the importance of the makers movement. Verhaal Co. featured products created by real artisans with authentic stories. The company offered a curated collection of bespoke products and accessories for people who value the provenance of the goods they bring into their lives. 

But alas, Verhaal Co. was not to survive in the long-haul and Verhaal Co. closed in 2015. Philip, in opening his branding agency, kept the name Verhaal because story is just as critical in branding. The story of Verhaal Brand Design is still being written..

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