Philip has a track record of success with some of the world’s largest consumer brands.
— Melanie Marsh, VP of Business Development,
Philip is a fantastic creative resource and a great business partner.
— Chad Hinson, VP of Global Brand Creative, Levi’s
One of the best creative directors I have ever worked with.
— Alix Becker, Partner, JonesBecker
One of the few practitioners that can balance top tier creativity with real world business savvy.
— Ron Vandenberg, Founder, Anthem Worldwide
A great mix of praise and constructive criticism which resulted in dramatic improvements to my website. I’m confident that our conversions are going to climb as a result!
— Colin Gray, Founder,
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Philip synthesized and prepared a strategy to bring my visual identity system to a whole new level. I can’t thank him enough.
— Robert Musallam, Founder,
Philip has incredible ability to explain and connect with the advice he is giving so that you can truly internalize it.
— Yigal Adato, CEO,
From the wayward brand to the Goliath brand, he brings smart brand strategy and great design to bear.
— Wendy Hunt, Executive Client Director, Landor Associates
I have always been impressed by the boundless energy with which he approaches a project.
— Heike Rapp, Sr. Creative Director, AutoDesk
He holds himself to high standards of excellence and has the talent and knowledge to live up to them.
— Richard Bates, VP of Global Brand Design, PepsiCo
Philip identified new business opportunities and executed against them while protecting core business volume.
— Nathan Laffin, VP Brand Trend, JCPenney
Philip cut right through to the heart of the problems I was facing and transformed my entire online presence into something I’m now proud of. I couldn’t have done it without him, period.
— Chris Darafeev, CEO,
You really are a weapon.
— Michael Barrett, YouTube channel subscriber
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You’re like the Bob Ross of graphic design!
— John Alvarez, YouTube subscriber