Cathryn Carruthers.jpeg
Having collaborated on multiple brand and strategy projects as a client, I can confidently say he is the real deal. Hiring Philip to develop a brand for my fledgling coaching practice was the best business decision I have made, and the return on investment was rapid and substantial.
He makes connections, sees patterns and asks questions that others can’t. His methods are clear and intentional, and the result is always beyond expectation. You want to work with him again and again.
— Cathryn Carruthers, Executive Coach, The Success Strategist
Philip’s entrepreneurial insight is invaluable; a veritable gold mine for new businesses seeking the best chance at success. He helped bring the vision of my new business from a broad concept to a focused, deliverable service in just two consulting sessions. 
— Collett Litchard, Rhetorix Communications
Philip has a track record of success with some of the world’s largest consumer brands.
— Melanie Marsh, VP of Business Development,
Ron Vandenberg.jpeg
One of the few practitioners that can balance top tier creativity with real world business savvy.
— Ron Vandenberg, Founder, Anthem Worldwide
Robert Musallam.jpg
Philip synthesized and prepared a strategy to bring my visual identity system to a whole new level. I can’t thank him enough.
— Robert Musallam, Founder,
Chris Darafeev.jpg
Philip cut right through to the heart of the problems I was facing and transformed my entire online presence into something I’m now proud of. I couldn’t have done it without him, period.
— Chris Darafeev, CEO,
Colin Gray.jpeg
A great mix of praise and constructive criticism which resulted in dramatic improvements to my website. I’m confident that our conversions are going to climb as a result!
— Colin Gray, Founder,
Richard Bates.jpeg
Philip holds himself to high standards of excellence and has the talent and knowledge to live up to them.
— Richard Bates, VP of Global Brand Design, PepsiCo
Philip is a fantastic creative resource and a great business partner.
— Chad Hinson, VP of Global Brand Creative, Levi’s
One of the best creative directors I have ever worked with.
— Alix Becker, Partner, JonesBecker
Philip has incredible ability to explain and connect with the advice he is giving so that you can truly internalize it.
— Yigal Adato, CEO,
Wendy Hunt.jpeg
From the wayward brand to the Goliath brand, he brings smart brand strategy and great design to bear.
— Wendy Hunt, Executive Client Director, Landor Associates
Heike Rapp.jpeg
I have always been impressed by the boundless energy with which he approaches a project.
— Heike Rapp, VP Product Design, SAP
Nathan Laffin.jpeg
Philip identified new business opportunities and executed against them while protecting core business volume.
— Nathan Laffin, VP Brand Trend, JCPenney
You really are a weapon.
— Michael Barrett, YouTube subscriber
You’re like the Bob Ross of graphic design!
— John Alvarez, YouTube subscriber