A Note From A Goat


For as long as I can remember I’ve loved soap. Not store-bought soap, the good stuff. Hand-made artisan soap. My wife calls me a “soap-hound”.

I was at a craft festival in Woodstock when I happened upon Sweet Rama’s Soaps. The owner explained that their products were made from milk from their own goats. Hand-milked by her children.

So, I bought a few bars. Fresh Cut Grass, Juniper and Sage, Citrus and Basil and few others. The soap was amazing. A few months later, when I ran out, I decided to order some more from their website.

When my order came, at the bottom of the box was personal note with X’s and O’s written on the back of a photograph from Midgie, Stella and Puck thanking me for my purchase.

But Midgie isn’t the owner. Midgie is a goat. And Stella and Puck are her kids.

In marketing, “customer lifetime value” is a term used for the prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer.

My customer lifetime value to Sweet Rama’s was drastically increased by a note from a goat.

What personal touch can you put on your customer experience that can have the same effect?