Shiny Objects


A little girl in Seattle named Gabi Mann has a collection of beautiful trinkets. A shiny earring, a green glass bead, a silver charm with the word “best” engraved on it. But, Gabi didn’t collect these treasures herself. They were given to her.

She didn’t get them from her friends. Gabi was given them as gifts…by crows.

It seems Gabi was in the habit of feeding the crows in her neighborhood. Every day for years she put out peanuts, seeds, tasty crow-appropriate treats in a metal bowl in her back yard. But then a funny thing happened. The crows started leaving her presents. A sparkly paper clip, a bright red piece of plastic. “Quid pro crow” as it were.

When you give to your community with no expectation of return something wonderful happens. I like to call it “subliminal reciprocity”. You help people and over time they just naturally want to help you, too.

That’s how content marketing works. You give people value, something that will inspire them, provides them with knowledge that helps them succeed, that will nourish their business. Before you know it, they will want to return the favor. Entertain a request you make. Maybe even refer some new clients to you.

You know, in a quid pro crow kind of way.