5 Reasons Why You Should Be Developing Content Now


For any personal brand, entrepreneur, or business the most important thing is the power of attraction. How are you going to get clients, customers, and a tribe to come to you? How are you going to attract them to your goods, services and all you have to offer?

Once you get them, how are you going to retain them? How do you become their favorite? How do you build a level of credibility that creates a steadfast belief in you? Executing flawlessly on your offering, both in product quality and service excellence is one way. But today that isn’t enough. Today that is the baseline. How you rise above the competition is by establishing content development as a core competency. So, what are some of the benefits?

#1 It Contributes To Professional Independence

Statistics show 40.4% of the U.S. workforce is now made up of “contingent workers” -that is, people who are what we traditionally consider freelancers or independent contractors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics last reported in 2005 that number was 11.6%. Think about that trend for a minute. Sobering, huh? Some estimate that by 2020 up to 50% of the American workforce could be untethered from full-time employment. This means there's a lot of people out there who are going to have to start developing independent marketing messages to attract their own customers and clients. They won't have a traditional job or a company that they work for to do that for them. Therefore, developing a level of independence is in reality developing a level of income security. Developing content is a key personal brand building activity that can help establish that independence.

#2 It Establishes Credibility

By developing content; articles, blog posts, videos, infographics, presentations, courses, newsletters, curated material, it helps establish you as a thought leader in the marketplace. Content development gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you truly know your stuff. That you are an expert. If you offer up real value, your audience will recognize, remember, and come to revere you. Additionally, when you offer content for free it draws your audience to you even quicker. Of course, paid advertising can also draw a crowd but that activity is pure promotion. Developing content exercises the law of attraction in a way that can't be bought.

#3 It Exercises Your Creativity Muscle

Developing content is going to help you develop a special kind of muscle. A creativity muscle. Any artist, singer, painter, musician knows that by practicing their craft, they develop a creative muscle that keeps a level of “flow” happening. And if they stop practicing their art for any period of time, they get rusty and it takes them a while to get back into that flow and creative output. By making a commitment to develop content on a regular basis you're exercising your creativity muscle. You become an idea generation heavyweight. Execution is easy, but killer ideas are the fuel of innovation and growth.

#4 It Increases Confidence

Developing content is an excellent way to feel great about yourself. You're going to rapidly realize just how much it is that you know. It helps to create a personal, internal resonance of the value you can offer the world. Simultaneously, you are demonstrating your knowledge to others while in the process providing real value to them. Simply put, helping folks just makes you feel good. Like anything truly worthwhile, developing content is somewhat awkward and scary in the beginning. But over time you get better at it and it feels like a much easier and more natural thing to do.

#5 It Grows Your Business

Content development used as in-bound marketing is great for business. I’m living proof. In two years my YouTube channel and brand•muse newsletter now generate over 75% of my agency’s new business leads. By developing content that's valuable to people they become willing evangelists for your brand. And because people trust other people’s recommendations more than advertising messages or a brand promoting itself, it means your tribe becomes your marketing department. Every new piece of content you produce seeds priceless word-of-mouth marketing.

Sure, the content landscape has gotten pretty noisy and the competition for eyeballs and ears is fierce. But the benefits of developing content are as much internal as they are external. So, if you haven’t yet begun to do it, now is the time to begin. No more excuses. At the beginning you will suck at it. Everybody does. But over time the creative muscle strengthens and the gears of the idea machine start to hum. You’ll get better. But to reap these benefits, you just have to start.

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Philip VanDusen is a creative thought leader and principal of Verhaal Brand Design an agency that specializes in leveraging brand strategy and design to build brand affinity and equity for companies and entrepreneurs. Get more from Philip in his newsletter brand•muse, His YouTube channel or connect with Verhaal Brand Design on Facebook.