Just Keep Swimming


I was scuba diving in St. Croix a couple of weeks ago. Lionfish are an invasive species in the Caribbean and they are eating all the other fish - absolutely decimating reef populations. They’re evil. So whenever you go diving these days you take a speargun. Because while you’re out having diving fun, you are also always hunting lionfish. 

When you spear a lionfish, sharks, who can smell a single drop of blood in an olympic-sized pool pick up the electric impulses and soon show up hoping for a free meal. So you have to keep your eyes open. Because when sharks arrive after hearing a dinner bell, they are let’s just say, frisky.

The athletic marketplace is looking a lot like a reef these days. With the imminent demise of traditional sporting goods retailer Sports Authority, there is blood in the water. Athleisure brands like Under Armour, REI, Athleta and Sweaty Betty are circling, taking advantage of the opportunity and snapping up new customers as lifestyles and tastes change.

It’s survival of the fittest. Design and strategic branding are powerful assets for customer acquisition, but so is just paying attention when someone else is getting speared.

photo credit: lionfish: keywestaquarium.com