Looking for a Greener Pasture?


A landscaping company in Idaho had a problem last week. They offer a service that clears unwanted brush and growth from your property - with a twist. They don’t use mowers, blowers and trimmers. They use goats.

We Rent Goats trucked in their workers, a herd of 118 eating machines to help a client who needed to clean up around a pond. Let’s just say that the crew didn’t really like the “flavor” of the work. Instead of clearing the pond grounds they decided to tramp over to the adjoining suburban neighborhood and snack on the much tastier flowers, scrubs and gardens of it’s residents.

It’s a classic example of “If you don’t give them what they want, they will go someplace else to get it.”

I often work with clients who have designed businesses, products and services who have taken the “If I build it, they will come.” approach. And often they wake to find that what they are offering is not what people really want. 

An early investment in consumer research and the competitive landscape will tell you what you need to build. Because not even a bottomless marketing budget can keep your customers from tramping over to the competition if what they offer is tastier.